When regular Mountain Dew and mysterious Mana Potions are not enough to keep your gaming addiction going, what can you do? Well the fine people at Pepsi Co have just given you a new option: Blue and Red World of Warcraft themed Mountain Dew.

It comes in two flavors: Alliance Melted Blue Popsicle and Horde Melted Red Popsicle. Once I saw the TV commercial at a bar in San Francisco, I decided I had to have some. I mean, if it can turn those two hot gamer chicks into life sized versions of their wow characters, what could it do to me? Well it'd probably turn me into a gnome, but I figure that the engineering specialization would really help me in my daily life.

World of Warcraft Mountain Dew

Success! Soda found and purchased.

Anyway, the next day I found a single bottle in the impulse buy section of the Longs Drugs near my office. Sadly, they only had Alliance blue. If it had turned me into a night elf, I'd be pissed.

The Taste Test

I brought it back to the office and stared at it for awhile. I carefully considered my consumption options, but after only a few hours I was already getting pretty tired. At 3:00pm it was bottoms up.

Despite the intense blue color, it tastes very similar to a regular Mountain Dew other than the advertised mild Wild Fruit Flavor Punch (their unarmed skill must be pretty low). The finish was as clean as any soda based on Corn Syrup could be. It also had the chemical post-finish that is always found in a Mountain Dew product.

The Buzz / Transformative Effects

World of Warcraft Mountain Dew - Featuring a Night Elf

A picture of the Night Elf that I feared I may have been transformed into.

It did not take long for me to start to feel the buzz. It was honestly disappointing. Apparently while the marketing department at Mountain Dew knows how I like my drinks, in strange colors with pictures of mythical humanoid creatures on them, the chemists do not. I did not transform. I was not shorter. I did not even spontaneously spawn goggles on my forehead. In fact I felt like the normal me with too much sugar in my stomach.

The transformation aside, I was honestly expecting a bit more caffeine than a normal Mountain Dew. After all, they did advertise it as Gamer Fuel. I don't think the guys who came up with this even play games. If they did they'd know that we stay up so late that like a terrible strain of Tuberculosis we develop resistance to drugs used upon us. For any success during that horribly unsuccessful 10 hour 25 man raid with a pick up group, we need a cocktail of stimulants.

Final Verdict

The novelty factor is great. If you like bright blue and red drinks, this is a very good low cost alternative for Mana and Health potions; however if you're a hard core gamer by night and full time ambulance driver or commercial airline pilot by day, don't throw that Red Bull away yet.

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